Audio Visual Market: France

Dec 18 2017

The French A/V market is robust and offers considerable opportunities for investment and growth. The increasing implementation of IoT, digital, and mobile technologies to all walks of life is fueling innovation as companies find creative ways to connect and monetize products and services. Consumer interest generally increases with awareness. France was recently ranked among the top ten media and entertainment markets in the world.

Current Audio Visual & Systems Integration Market Segments
Demand for wireless speakers, wireless home audio, and wireless cinema equipment is set to increase. In the music market subscription services and advertising supported audio content services have experienced robust growth. The monetization of these services and advertising supported audio content has increased the profitability of this these formats online.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage remains one of the most important revenue generators for retail/ POS businesses. Rising demand resulting in revenue growth has validated market maturity. Furthermore, 2016 has shown a dominant trend towards interactivity. Touch technology in particular is being extensively integrated. In one recent survey of digital signage businesses 60% of companies in a survey expects a better business climate within the next 6 months.

Residential Solutions
Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Video on Demand, podcasts, and Internet A/V are on the rise in France. Another trend in television is the migration towards internet based services. Additionally, demand for both LCD projectors and digitally connected TV displays have both increased. Households are willing to pay more for quality high-tech equipment. Though the French TV and film industry is very robust, demand for US content remains high. Traditional TV content channels (such as digital terrestrial television and ADSL) remain the most common but internet-based services are expected to make significant gains in the future.

Smart Building
France’s smart grid technology market is growing on virtually all fronts. Despite that it is currently difficult for smaller foreign companies to enter this market; the barrier for entry will lower significantly in the future as the market matures. The French government has shown that it is committed to investing in environmentally friendly technology as demonstrated by a plethora of projects to further implement energy-saving smart technology from grid management to household consumer product design.

Unified Communications
Improving productivity is a clear driver of companies implementing unified communication systems.
Though laptops are the most commonly used technology, room-based video conferencing was consistently rated as the most useful by companies in a study on unified communications in the workplace in Europe. Smartphones are set to become the most commonly used technology in the coming years. Security and reliability are among the most important deciding factors in choosing services for companies. The greatest barrier to entry seems to be that companies are slowest to adopt newer technologies so increasing consumer awareness may yield much greater interest in products. Telemedicine is one subsector that offers considerable investment opportunities in France.

Audio Visual & Systems Integration Market in France
Main Players
The A/V equipment industry in France is diverse but some of the most popular brands include Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, JVC, Yamaha, and Bose. Major French Digital Video Recorder (DVR) companies include MYTFI, M6 Replay,, Canal+ A La Demande, Arte +7, Direct 8 Replay, and Gulli Replay.

Buyer Snapshot
Corporations make up the largest share of the A/V market in France accounting for 40%. Internet Video Conferencing, mobile communications equipment, and digital signage are all growing. Households make up the second largest share of the market at 30%. One 2016 study showed that 93.9% of French households have a TV, 83% have a computer, 74.7% have a smartphone, and 44.7% have a tablet. Other types of buyer trail these two categories with event/ venue planners making up 17% of the French A/V market, government/ military accounting for 16%, education/ training at 15%, and retail distribution at 10%.

Trade Promotion
SATIS: Audio-Visual Broadcast Show
MIPCOM: The World’s Entertainment Content Market
MIPTV: The World’s Market and Creative Forum for Audio-Visual Content

Sonovision: This A/V company publishes a guide of companies working in the A/V industry

Alliance Française des Industries du Numérique (AFNUM): Wide-reaching alliance of digital and electronic industries including A/V companies.

Regulatory Bodies:
Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA): The main A/V regulatory body in France is tasked with ensuring broadcasters follow legal requirements.
Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP): Independent French telecommunications regulator

French companies seem particularly slow to adopt newer technologies, however, smaller companies in particular, respond well once they become more familiar with them. International companies’ best opportunity to gain market shares is to work with a French distributor or integrator to represent them for greater exposure in the French market.

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