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pink noise spectrum

Whats the Difference Between White Noise and Pink Noise

Sep 16 2019

Here’s a question we get everyday! What’s the difference between white noise and pink noise? Sound masking systems are often described as “white noise machines” or “pink noise speaker systems”. In reality, they are approximated as a blend of both. White noise is the same sound intensity at all frequencies, while pink noise decreases in

Fig.1 – Cre-Cottê’s dining room both pre- (upper left) and post- (upper right) intervention, and drawing of the panels installed (bottom).

Good acoustics as an extra source of income in restaurants

Sep 13 2019

Internoise 2019, Madrid It’s all about money! Juan Negreira held a really inspiring presentation at Internoise 2019 – about how a room acoustic intervention in a restaurant lead to better income. Below are his findings and discussion and if you want to know more about the project and get access to the original paper, you

CAN Comm Art Acoustic Panel

Using Art for Office Space Acoustics

Sep 07 2019

CAN Community Health is a not-for-profit comprehensive care clinic with 34 offices located throughout Florida and South Carolina to provide medical social and educational services. Recently CAN Community opened their new facility headquarters in Sarasota Florida, where the team at Commercial Acoustics was hired to advise on as well as fabricate and install soundproofing and

Da Vinci robot

Robot Assisting the surgeon in the Operating Room!

Sep 04 2019

One of our editors, Swedish Concept Developer Healhcare, Maria Quinn – had the opportunity to be present during a robotic surgery. Here are her thoughts and reflections on the sound environment in such a specialized area. Robotic surgery Da Vinci robot Robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more

custom color acoustic panel

Zasu Restaurant Treated with Custom Color Acoustic Panels

Aug 28 2019

Solving acoustic problems in restaurants can be challenging, especially when the restaurant’s design emphasizes its own unique interior aesthetics.  Acoustic panels must be able to homogenize with a restaurant’s custom trim, molding, and paint to match the interior environment.  Commercial Acoustics has made tremendous progress with the customization of acoustic panels, particularly with custom color

Paige Hodsman

Diversity at Internoise 2019 – Top 3 presentations

Aug 25 2019

Half way through Internoise 2019 in Madrid one thing is clear: It is a buffet of knowledge! From sessions on ‘Architectural and building acoustics’ to ‘Environmental noise’ to ‘Noise and health’ (and everything in between). Internoise, Euronoise, ICA etc. are always the places to go if you need new inspiration and today especially three really

Professor Pablo Luis Rendón – Ernesto Accolti

Professor Pablo Luis Rendón – Ernesto Accolti

Aug 22 2019

Welcome to the fifth installment of Interviews with Interview with Latin American Acousticians. You can find the previous interviews at Today we interview Professor Pablo Luis Rendón from the Autonomous National University of Mexico. His research topic has been  nonlinear acoustics since the first steps of his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge. He

initial reverberation time

Golf Clubhouse Acoustics

Aug 18 2019

A common complaint that we receive at Commercial Acoustics is when Golf Clubhouse Acoustics are overly reverberant, allowing an excessive echo that disrupts patrons. Clubhouses have a wide range of acceptable reverb times, but they should never exceed 1.3 seconds, especially if amplified speech or speaking engagements are going to be used in the space.

Find out what a room can sound like – with the Ecophon Acoustic Calculator

Find out what a room can sound like – with the Ecophon Acoustic Calculator

Aug 15 2019

Today almost all room acoustic calculations are based on the Sabine formula. Even though it is known that you often get different values when you compare calculations with actual measurements in a room. Therefore, Ecophon has developed a calculator in which the intention is to have more accurate acoustic values before measurements. The Ecophon Acoustic Calculator is