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Interview with Professor Débora Barretto – Ernesto Accolti

Interview with Professor Débora Barretto – Ernesto Accolti

Aug 12 2019

Welcome to the fourth installment of Interviews with Latin American Acousticians. You can find the previous interviews at Our interviewee of this installment is the Professor Débora Barretto from Brazil. Her profile focus is in the construction industry as well as in academia. Professor Barretto is an architect and holds a master’s degree in

Gym Acoustic Panels

Gym Acoustic Treatment – St Pauls in New Orleans

Aug 08 2019

Commercial Acoustics was contacted by St Paul’s Episcopal school to solve their time-sensitive gym acoustics problem.  Gymnasiums are fundamentally very reverberant spaces due to their hard, parallel surfaces and large volumes.  Along with athletics, school gyms are often used as auditoriums and event spaces.  This school in particular had scheduled an upcoming fundraising event that

Historical Biographies in Acoustics:  Katherine Safford Harris  –   Elle O’Brien

Historical Biographies in Acoustics: Katherine Safford Harris –  Elle O’Brien

Aug 02 2019

Historical Biographies in Acoustics: Katherine Safford Harris   Elle O’Brien Acoustics Today Intern 2018   Reading through the Acoustical Society of America’s list of honors, Katherine Safford Harris is a notable name: she appears twice, as the winner of the  2007 Gold Medal “for pioneering research and leadership in speech production and dedicated service to

Acoustic design in health environments

Jun 10 2018

While we know that rest is crucial to the healing and recovery process, the findings of a new AECOM study suggest that too many patients are exposed to unwanted noise and a lack of privacy while they are attempting to make the journey back to good health. Acoustic specialists Danny Boglev and David Peoples suggest

Architectural Acoustics

Sep 02 2017

Providing true cross-sector service, our architectural acousticians serve internal and external clients globally. They work with architects, interior designers and engineers to provide services throughout the life of a built project. Work includes environmental assessments for permitting; pre-construction noise evaluations; acoustical design of the facility and compliance noise and vibration monitoring during construction and facility operations. The

Mitigate Problematic Room Acoustics

Mar 11 2017

Well-designed studio monitors are engineered to reproduce an input signal with extreme fidelity, maintaining near-flat frequency and phase response at all levels up to the threshold of clipping. However, the performance of any monitor will be influenced by the acoustics of the space in which they operate. Difficult room acoustics, even with proper speaker placement,