Category: Sound Engineering

Sound Engineer Salary

Nov 11 2018

The bottom line is working with clients to help them bring their visions to reality. At Sound Lounge, we use Pro Tools as a digital audio workstation (DAW) for all the audio work. Knowing the software well enough to accomplish your sonic goals is important. I work a lot with voiceover actors and help direct

Theatrical sound engineer

May 02 2018

Getting into sound When Steve left school, he wanted to work as a session guitarist; he was doing a BTEC in Performing Arts at Wrexham, but found himself fascinated with speakers and sound. “I’d always look at sound and was fascinated with how it worked. It was more invisible as an art form in terms

Fundamentals of Mixing with Top Sound Engineers

Feb 20 2017

If you’ve ever wondered how to add that extra, pro-level sheen to your sound, this course might be for you. We cover all the fundamentals of mixing, from referencing and levels to automation and compression, with insights from the pros about how they use each tool in their work. And with weekly feedback on your